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Henok Abebe

Listen to the music of Henok Abebe

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Hibist Tiruneh

Listen to the music of Hibist Tiruneh

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Ali Birraa

Ali Birraa ;born September 29, 1947) is a famous Oromo singer, composer, poet and nationalist. He was born in Ganda Kore village in the city

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Abeba Desalegn

Featuring songs by Abeba Desalegn on this page. Tell us what you think of Abeba Desalegn's songs on the comments section below

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Alemnesh Desie

Listen to the soothing voice of Alemnesh Desie 

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Haimanot Girma

Bborn in Harar, in early 1980’s. while I was around six years old at elementary school I have been starting singing a song of famous

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Abdu Kiar

Abdu Kiar is an artist in Ethiopian music. He gained his popularity in 2003 on his first album called merkato sefere. Abdu kiar is well

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Abebe Teka

Featuring songs by Abebe Teka on this page. This website also hosts more Ethiopian music and Eritrean music. Abebe Teka was born and raised Gondar, a

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Abby Lakew

Born in Gondar, Abby Lakew, is a rising singer/actress who caught the attention of many Ethiopians through a single concert that took place three years

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Befikirish Meyaze

Befikirish Meyaze

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Tafarii Mokkonon - Kan Duri Jallee Koo

Tafarii Mokkonon - Kan Duri Jallee Koo

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Reshad Kedir - Enena

Reshad Kedir - Enena

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