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Funny videos from just for laughs 2015

A practical joke[1] (also known as a prank, gag, jape or shenanigan) is a mischievous trick or joke played on someone, generally causing the victim

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Zemarit Zerfe Kebede - I am Redeemed

Zemarit Zerfe Kebede - I am Redeemed  

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Ke Kampas Yahunu Yibas

Watch the Ethiopian Movie "Ke Kampas Yahunu Yibas"

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Fikir Be Agatami

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Fikir Be Agatami"

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Sementegnaw Shi

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Sementegnaw Shi"

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Markush"

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Felashaw"

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Bado Neber

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Bado Neber"

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Watch the Ethiopian movie "Velo"

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