House of People's Representatives Endorses Cooperatives Amendment Bil

House of People's Representatives Endorses Cooperatives Amendment Bil House of People's Representatives Endorses Cooperatives Amendment Bil

The House of People's Representatives yesterday endorsed the amendment of cooperatives proclamation which hereafter could be referred as Proclamation No. 185/2016.

Agricultural Affairs Standing Committee Chairperson Almaz Mesele said the amendment was necessitated to ensuring the creation of one economic and political community through creating enabling environment to cooperative unions nationwide.

She said the amendment made on the articles is believed to transform the sector.

Accordingly, cooperatives are not required to pay tax when they undertake their activities. However, they pay taxes upon dividend payment to members.

Meanwhile, the House referred the second human rights action plan to the Legal, Justice and Administration Affairs Standing Committee for further scrutiny.

Explaining the rationale behind the preparation, Government Whip State Minister Melese Tilahun said the objective of the action plan is to widen the democratic platform filling gaps, replicating best experiences and bringing new impetus to the past action plan. The second human rights action plan would be in action from 2016 to 2020, he said.

Melese added: “The action plan which comprises six major chapters for the protection of basic human rights.”

In the plan, the role of civic society and mass associations, the media and democratic institutions such as the Human Rights Commission would further be strengthened, according to him.

House Deputy Speaker Shitaye Minale for her part said that the Standing Committee is expected to undertake thorough discussion in close consultation with the Human Rights Commission on specifying the roles of legislative and executive organs, the Commission and other respective offices.

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