Practicing Politics in Africa Means Risking your Life and your Family

Practicing Politics in Africa Means Risking your Life and your Family Practicing Politics in Africa Means Risking your Life and your Family

If African leaders across the length and breadth of Africa deliver on their promises and promote public welfare through genuine policies and sustainable economic programs, I am sure that they will have no reason(s) to rig elections.

Spotlighting Africa’s Democracy

Democracy in Africa is difficult to flourish, because there are too many kleptocrats, autocrats and opportunists flooding the political parameter. A free, fair and transparent election on the continent is rare due to anti-democratic precedents mostly devised by failed and corrupt regimes. Democracy in Africa is eclipsed by immaturity, impropriety and intolerance.

Africa has democracy in theory, but not in practicality. It is mostly in Africa that the interest of the minority supersedes the collective aspiration of the majority. Practicing politics in Africa means risking your life and your family. This I know for a fact! It is too sad that Africa is still at the backseat of the democratic plane. From my lenses, democracy in Africa is a government of the minority, by the minority and for the minority.

The lingering and vicious clash for state power and dominance among egoistic politicians in Africa has been creating a gloomy cloud of uncertainty over Africa’s young democracy. Heightening political crises and tensions have been seriously endangering the peace, security and stability of Africa. These conflicts continue to reverse gains made in dozens of nations across the continent.

Democracy in Africa is on life-support in most countries. This form of government which is supposed to guarantee the supreme interest and willpower of the majority has been experiencing serious miscarriage and mishap. Year after year, it is becoming convincingly glaring that the practice of democracy in Africa seems almost inapplicable.

The fatality of democracy due to all forms of electoral manipulation remains widespread and alarming. There are protests almost everywhere by opposition politicians and parties against vote rigging orchestrated by incumbent or ruling political establishments. The impact of such autocratic trend (vote rigging) is breeding chaos and crises across Africa.

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