Love-struck man spends 10 days at airport waiting for lover

Love-struck man spends 10 days at airport waiting for lover Broken man: Alexander Cirk was admitted to hospital with exhaustion after his long wait

A love-struck Dutchman who waited for ten days at an airport in China for a girl who never showed up has been taken to hospital with exhaustion.

Alexander Pieter Cirk, 41, flew from his home in the Netherlands to Changsha in central China to meet his 26-year-old girlfriend Zhang for the first time.

Despite being stood up, Mr Cirk waited in the airport for 10 days for his lover to arrive. 

He was eventually removed by Chinese emergency services and taken to hospital where he was treated for exhaustion, CCTV news reported. 

After news of the hopeless romantic's ordeal went viral, CCTV news contacted Zhang who told them she thought her beau “was joking” when he said he was going to visit her in China.

She admitted she had been offline when he arrived as was undergoing plastic surgery in another city.

She said: “We had advanced our romantic relationship but later he seemed a little callous toward me.” 

Mr Cirk booked a return flight to the Netherlands and was due to travel back home yesterday after being released from hospital.

However, hopeful Zhang  has said she wanted to continue their romance and would meet the Dutchman when he recovers.

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