Miss World Jamaica Sanneta Myrie Visits Ethiopia

Miss World Jamaica Sanneta Myrie Visits Ethiopia Sanneta Myrie

“The Human aspect to a beauty queen title is what captivated me. Being able to embrace so many people and impact their lives in a positive way with even a simple smile is what makes it worthwhile”, words of one of the most beautiful spirited young ladies ever to have graced Shashamane, Ethiopia with her presence: Dr. Sanneta Myrie, Miss Jamaica World 2015 was called to be a part of a group “that would be making it their duty over a two week period to supplement the education of children from marginalized communities in Shashamane. Coming from a marginalized community myself I could identify with these students.”

Sanneta Myrie was born on May 26th 1991 in Kingston, Jamaica. At the tender age of 19, her mother went into labor alone at a private clinic and was told by the nurse that Sanneta had the brightest eyes she had ever seen.

Sanneta said that I grew up listening and dancing to the likes of Shabba Ranks, Bob Marley, Damian Marley and Buju Banton. While in high school she participated in extracurricular activities: swimming, pageantry,dance, acting and mentor-ship all of which helped to mold her self-esteem. She also credits Marcus Mosiah Garvey, one of Jamaica’s national heroes who has an inspiration for “bettering and empowering the mind”

Growing up in age, she had to witness her father struggle with a chronic illness and the fundamental contributions doctors make, that had helped to influence her career choice. Miss Sanneta Myrie went on to study to become a medical doctor at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica. When asked why she decided to attend the University she replied, “I was committed to always being the best version of myself which is something I preach to young people You owe yourself the best version of you.”

Myrie is very close to her younger half brother Jeffery; her family has “the strength and roots that make all things possible” correlating with her favorite faithful words of faith

“I believe we the children of Africa at home and abroad have a duty to remember our roots and give back and contribute to Africa whatever we can. The World knows a great deal of injustice that has been done to Africa but we need to remember while we may see it necessary to call out for justice due to the fact that our surest success really lies in joining hands and helping ourselves, empowering ourselves and reinvesting in ourselves.”

With such encouraging words we can all be sure to see Miss Sanneta Myrie in Africa, after all her favorite place is the hot springs of Wondo Genet!

She was in east Africa a month ago on a volunteer service tour to participate in a series of youth development workshops and mentor-ship programs organized by Shashamane Sunrise, an international volunteer organization that supports children’s education in developing countries.

Sanneta Myrie

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