Catholic Church Bans Provocative Dresses And Introduces Dress Code For Women

Catholic Church Bans Provocative Dresses And Introduces Dress Code For Women Catholic Church Bans Provocative Dresses

It’s this sort of internalized misogyny embedded in major religions that is leading to the institution’s demise in much of the industrialized worl- not that they realize it, of course.

The St John the Baptist Catholic Church in Pedu, a surburb of Cape Coast, has outlined a ‘dress code’ for female members of the church. Those in charge of the church say that some ladies dress indecently to church, tempting church members and even members of the clergy.

Really? Those are some upstanding church members right there.

The church thus posted pictures on its premises, detailing what can and cannot be worn. Andrew Kofi Wosesor The President of the church council, said the directive is to prevent ladies exposing their Bosom s and nether regions in church- actions that would disturb the peace of mind of the church’s male members

“It is not that the dresses are not good, but they are not good for the church.” he told the Daily Graphic.
“When we stop them from putting them on to church, at a point in time they will even stop wearing them to public places,”
Mr Wosesor expressed admiration for how Muslims keep their women covered up, revealing, that like all patriarchal religious leaders- he wouldn’t terribly mind if all ladies were put in sackcloth head to toe until they are needed for s*x.

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