Modelling Competition, Hidden Beauty of Ethiopia Aims to Educate and Inspire Young Females

Set to air on EBS TV, Ethiopia’s first modelling competition Hidden Beauty of Ethiopia aims to showcase the country’s young, beautiful, and disadvantaged females aged 16-24 through competition. Aiming to educate young females and children by correctly defining the term ‘modelling’, the show also hopes to eventually eliminate high sex trafficking rates across the continent of Africa.

Consisting of ten episodes, each contestant will go through a series of steps to transform into the Hidden Beauty of Ethiopia. Following the first elimination, the young hopefuls will be given a makeover to help the transformation into the ‘Hidden Beauty of Ethiopia.’ Each week, the contestants will be judged on overall appearance, challenge participation, and the best weekly photo shoot shot. The winner of Hidden Beauty of Ethiopia will sign with UK’s top modelling agency Leni’s Model Management.

Hidden Beauty of Ethiopia

While residing in and being a citizen of Ethiopia, each contestant has to have prior knowledge about the country in order to participate in the competition. With knowledge and education, the winner will act as a goodwill ambassador of Ethiopia while serving as a role model to the youth in the country.

Through lies, deception, and false leadings, sex traffickers use the term ‘modelling’ to lure young and innocent girls into a forced life of abuse. A 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report posted to the U.S. Department of State website discusses the seriousness of sex trafficking in third world countries such as Africa. Brothels are located throughout the world with girls as young as 8 years old being subjected to a lifetime of prostitution in each establishment. Through Hidden Beauty of Ethiopia, the goal is to educate young girls while creating a road map towards a more positive journey for others.

As the host of Hidden Beauty of Ethiopia, commercial model and actress Delina Cleo, also known as Delina Ghezu, will also act as a mentor to the contestants of the competition. Born and raised in Ethiopia, Delina is able to use her knowledge and experience to help guide each girl during the competition. Modelling for the likes of L’Oreal UK, Pond’s Flawless (South Africa and Asia), Cosmopolitan Magazine, and many others, Delina is able to use her access to positively impact the lives of the young females.

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