Amazing: Newlyweds Rides Through The Busy City On Elephant

Amazing: Newlyweds Rides Through The Busy City On Elephant Amazing: Newlyweds Rides Through The Busy City On Elephant

A happy bride and groom, both circus performers, ride an elephant as they celebrate their wedding –  An unusual spectacle attracted a large crowd of onlookers, as the couple clambered up the majestic animal’s back – The ceremony took place in  front of Budapest’s basilica on Valentine’s Day in Hungary. Merrylu Casselly and Jozsef Richter, both acrobats and circus performers, had the most amazing transportation for arrival to their wedding ceremony in grand style… by elephant!

elephant at wedding

Circus performers and acrobats Merrylu Casselly and Jozsef Richter were married today in Budapest

The couple decided to marry on Valentine’s day and to make it’s even more memorable used this majestic giant. No wonder such a spectacle drew dozens of curious onlookers in front of Budapest’s basilica.


elephant at wedding

The couple then processed through Budapest to the amazement of passersby

After struggling aboard the newlyweds eventually processed through the centre of Budapest to the amazement of citizens.

elephant at wedding

Posing for pictures, the elephant, who is understood to perform as part of the father-of-the-bride’s circus was made to do tricks

The African elephant was beautified with a wreath of roses attached to its head and a howdah – a carriage for riding on the back of an elephant or camel, typically accommodating two or more people.

elephant at wedding

Hundreds of people gathered to watch the couple made the procession through the city on the back of their elephant

Merrylu and Jozsef regularly perform together on horseback, although the bride’s father is one of the last people in Europe to use elephants in his circus.

elephant at wedding

‘Seeing an elephant walking through the centre of Budapest was crazy!’

The vast majority of European circuses no longer perform with wild animals due to accusations of animal cruelty and those that continue to perform with animals come under heavy pressure from animal welfare advocates.



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