Clients Have Asked Me to Kill People and Make Women Lose Their Babies - Witch Makes Shocking Revelations

Clients Have Asked Me to Kill People and Make Women Lose Their Babies - Witch Makes Shocking Revelations Witch

A witch has made unbelievable revelations about the shocking and evil things his clients have asked him to do to other people. 

A white witch who can turn women into “man magnets” and help couples conceive has revealed how clients have asked him to kill people and even to make another woman miscarry.
Kevin Carlyon, from Hastings, uses spells to boost fertility, help lonely clients find love and even locate lost pets, but he refuses to dabble in too much “black magic.”
He told the Sun Online: “Some people who come and see me are absolutely crazy, so I try to keep those at bay.
“You’d be surprised what people want done. I’ve met some really horrible people who have asked me to kill someone off and even make someone miscarry a baby, but I won’t get involved in stuff like that.
“I get people coming along for abortion spells, which I don’t do, but I also have people coming for fertility spells which I do and it does work quite dramatically.”
Arriving at Kevin’s East Sussex flat, visitors are instantly faced with a plastic Halloween bat which is permanently pinned to the front door.
Inside the light, airy living room, there’s no mistaking what “Kev the Witch” does for a living.
An altar, festooned with candles, skulls, goblets and chalices is against one wall with a stone bearing the pentagram, or five-pointed star, which symbolises the Wicca belief system.
A rope circle flows from the altar and a Ouija table sits nearby. Kevin, clad in red velvet robes, uses the room for regular meetings with members of his coven, with ten to 20 fellow witches coming together to cast spells and chant.
But 59-year-old says that, despite common misconceptions, the meetings are “good clean fun”.
He said: “Witches are often associated with sexual orgies and nudity but those were added by two people, Gerald Gardener and Alex Sanders, in the last century and they weren’t there before.
“People ask me if I do rituals nude and I say no, and when you’re in a group, there’s nothing funnier than looking at nude people, at their boobs and bits, so we are always robed.
“I believe a witch is born not made. Other witches might say, ‘Take your clothes off, I’ll have sex with you and then you’ll be a witch.’ But I don’t believe in that.
“Our belief system is about life, love and procreation but not about dancing naked round a bonfire.”
Like all good witches, Kevin has a familiar, a 20-year-old black cat called Dr Fluff – so called because she “can tell if you have a pain in your body and will come and lie on the affected part”.
She also steps in to help with the spells when his wife Sandie is not on hand.
“The whole tradition of the belief system is that men and women are equal and one without the other doesn’t have the power that they should have,” he explains.
“It sounds crazy but when I don’t have a female, then my cat takes the role of the female to keep the balance.”
In order to demonstrate his craft, Kevin casts a "protection spell" while standing in his circle.
He lifts a smoking bowl into the air while chanting "peace, love and harmony" incantations in a booming voice - a ritual that seems more bizarre in the bright sunlight of the well-lit high-ceiling living room than it would in a dark wood at full moon.
Kevin first realised he had powers at the age of five, when he began to predict future events at his school in Plumstead.
He said: “I started telling kids at school things that would happen which then did happen.  One day I told a chap he would fall out of a tree and break his arm, which he did the following day, and that’s where it started to blossom. People thought I was rather strange.
“I was hauled in front of the headmistress and told at the age of five I had the ‘devil’ inside me. My mother went ballistic and stormed up to the school the following morning, muttered incantations that are unprintable.
“As I grew up I realised there was something inside me but whether it was a gift or a curse I couldn’t really define it. But I knew I had to learn to control it so it didn’t control me.”
Kevin started reading up on Wicca and witchcraft and, at 14, he performed his first successful “spell” after a family friend asked him to find her cat.
The magic proved so potent, he claims, that the lost pet turned up on the doorstep – along with nine other strays.
Kevin offers tarot readings and will contact departed loved ones on the Ouija board as well as casting spells.
He says most of his clients are women and most want to resolve a problem in their love life.
“Some want to cast a love spell on a man,” he said. “I would tell them to put her name and his name on a piece of paper then cut a potato in half, put the paper between the halves, and plant it in the ground.
“That is sowing the seed for it to happen while this end I’m doing some of my mumbo jumbo and I can tune into them at the same time, which sends the thought out to the universe. It really works.
“For single women who want to find love, I say, ‘You’ve got to be aware you will become a man magnet and you’ll need to sort them out.’
“They always say, ‘I’m ok with that’ but when they start meeting the absolute disasters, they think, ‘No.’ “
With his fertility spells, Kevin estimates that he has helped 60 or 70 babies come into the world and his reputation for success has got him into trouble in the past.
He said: “We were using a hill figure down in Dorset – the Cerne Abbas Giant – which  has a 20ft willy and I got a letter from the National Trust asking me to tone my activities down because I was causing erosion to the penis of the giant.
“People were having sex on the penis after I did a spell on them, with crystals, which I believe can alter people’s molecular structure, just for a short time. But people I have helped have all conceived, It could be witchcraft, it could be coincidence, or it could be the Cerne Abbas giant.”
Although he shies away from anything too sinister in his work, and refuses to grant “greed” spells such as lottery wins, he has been known to help women who have been cheated on wreak a little revenge.
He said: “It’s all the same energy. It’s like electricity – you can cook with it or you can kill with it. It’s just the way you send it.
“My favourite one which works very well is to stop the man getting an erection with anybody other than the woman they’re with.
“That’s done by incantations, the power of positive thought that is raised in the circle.
“You send out flash thoughts to achieve what you are hoping for so what comes from me and the group, makes it happen.”
He reveals that he has often come across two women who were involved with the same man – and some of them take matters into their own hands.
“I did readings for a couple of girls who were sleeping with the same man and I introduced them to each other and then I left them to it,” he recalled.
“There was about five minutes of shouting and then I heard laughing. After that I didn’t hear from them for a little while, and then one came along and told me what they did.
“One of them invited him round for dinner, handcuffed him to the bed, so he thought his luck was in. Then in came the other one, they superglued his willy to his leg and left him there, then rang his mum and said she’d better go round and help him.
“Some time later I was up the hospital and I asked the nurse what the funniest thing she’d ever seen was and she said, ‘One night a bloke came in with his willy superglued to his leg. It took over two hours to unglue it and he was in agony.’
“I have a sense of humour about all this but there is a serious side when it comes down to helping people, and helping them to get their lives on track.”
With Halloween around the corner, though Kev is not adverse to a little trickery at the expense of the neighbourhood kids.
"Halloween is just fun for us," he revealed.
"It is marked in the pagan calendar as the time when the dead can travel through the veil of darkness and see loved ones. I buy sweets for the trick-or-treaters and when they come round I put my robe on, open the door and say ‘boo’. They  come round less and less now."

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