Awash Winery Aiming Export Market

Awash Winery Aiming Export Market Awash Winery Aiming Export Market

Awash Winery aims to infiltrate the international market as the company is speeding up its expansion project to improve its capacity. The expansion work was begun in late 2014 and it now has reached one third completion. Upon conclusion of the expansion work, Awash will have a production capacity of 7 to 10 million liters a year.

The expansion work being undertaken by the winery includes expansion of vineyards and farming mechanization. The company has also planted new vines on a 100 hectare plot of land. This has doubled the winery’s cultivated farm land.

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There are well known contractors taking parts in the expansion program. Among them Marast Equipment Leasing Services and LEHUI Group can be found. The latter was involved in brew house setup, installation of fermentation and storage tanks for Heinken Ethiopia’s expansion project.

According to Fortune, Awash’s expansion work is expected to cost around 200 million Birr. So far, half of this fund has been used.

Commenting on the development Herve Duranton, CEO of Awash, increase of the winery’s production capacity will enable the company to look into export opportunities.

The winery aims to take its production capacity to 20 million liter by 2020.

Currently there are only 2 winemakers in Ethiopia. One is Awash while the other is Castel Winery.,

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