Blu Spring Water Exports to Djibouti

Blu Spring Water Exports to Djibouti Blu Spring Water

Blu Spring Water has become a pioneer of exporting its bottled water to the international market.

Though relatively new entrant to the market, Blu Spring Water has become the first water exporter and it will export the third batch in the coming to Djibouti.

Established in June 2014 with a capital of 42 million birr, Blu Spring Water is bottled by Almaz Eshetie Mineral Water Plc.

According to Getachew Bahiru, marketing manager of Blu Spring Water, the company launched its export in June 2016. In the first two rounds the company was able to export 10,250 unit of bottled water to the Djibouti market,” Getachew told Capital.

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Almaz Eshetie Mineral Water Plc

“On the coming batch, which will be next week, we will export about 5,000unit of packed water. and we have currently secured a good acceptance on the market in Djibouti,” he added.

Djibouti’s large water market is mainly dominated by bottled water products from the long established Coca Cola bottlers, Groupe Coubèche, in the country.

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The horn African country, whose water market is dominated by bottled water agreed with Ethiopia to develop tap water from Ethiopia to Djibouti about two years ago.

According to the deal the government of Djibouti will develop the underground water at Adi Gala in eastern Ethiopia and transport the water via pipeline to Djibouti.

Like many other African countries, clean water shortage is observed in the country, which has forced to boost the packed water supply in the country.

Even though the packed water industry has expanded in the last two decades in different part of Ethiopia, the market has focused on the local market.

Experts say that the Ethiopian packed water demand has been significantly growing as local packed water producers have focused on the local market than looking to export.

Meanwhile, according to pundits, though water producers were very much engaged on the local market, traders in the border towns, for instance on the Southern Sudan side, have been selling Ethiopian water product for South Sudan market.

“The export of Blu Spring Water shall be announced as the pioneer water export by the company itself in an organized manner,” the marketing manager added. Blu Spring Water located in Holeta, 40km west of Addis Ababa has a capacity to pack 10,000unit of water per hour. (Capital Ethiopia)



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