Hospitality Industry Booming in Ethiopia

Hospitality Industry Booming in Ethiopia Hospitality Industry Booming in Ethiopia

The online hotel booking giant, Jumia Travel (previously Known as Jovago), said that the hospitality and hotel industry in Ethiopia is booming but recent internet shutdowns may impact its internet based business.

 The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Miday, told DireTube on Thursday that Ethiopia holds a great deal of potential for the hotel industry owing to the huge number of hotels that are recently built and are being constructed in many locations.

“The hotel business is growing very rapidly in Ethiopia,” Paul said adding that a number of international brand hotels are set to set foot in the country. “Besides, as the internet penetration deepens in the country, we see more business here.” Paul, who has been an associated partner McKinsey & Company and a Co-founder of Goondi, said that Jumia Travel currently has more than 650 hotels in all parts of Ethiopia that are partnered with his company.

According to his predictions, online hotel bookings in Ethiopia will reach to 20- 25 percent of all bookings in five years’ time. Currently, 50 percent of hotel bookings are conducted online in North America and Europe. “I think that the number and quality of hotels in Ethiopia will improve in the next five years in great numbers,” Paul said.

 “There are many hotels that are being built in Ethiopia. In fact, Ethiopia is among the top ten countries in Africa in the number of hotel rooms that are being built this year.” Jumia Travel has been doing business in Ethiopia for more than a year. Currently, the company has established its presence in many African countries, with a strong base in Nigeria and Kenya. It is believed that Jumia Travel is now Africa’s leading hotel booking website.

It offers guests to get the best prices through its more than 25,000 hotels in Africa and over 200,000 hotels around the world.

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