Ugandan Court Clears Mihreteab Sium Temeleso On December 9, 2016

Mihretab Sium Temeleso

For a period extending over one year. Sium Express Limited Eritrean tycoon Mihretab Sium Temeleso was a subject of media reports that linked him to charges of kidnap, rape, human trafficking and even aggravated defilement.  However, we since learned that these were malicious reports that accrued from hateful schemes by majorly his business rivals and other competitors within the Eritrean Community in Uganda and South Sudan.

Evidence of this is contained in police investigations reports which cleared Sium of any wrongdoing in the said charges. 

Against this background, we regret any inconvenience such articles could have caused the person of Mr. Mihreteab Sium Temeleso, his family and friends as well as business associates. At, we are committed to the professional journalistic tenets of accurate, fair and balanced reporting.

Photo Evidence of Mr. Mihreteab Sium Temeleso Innocence:

Police Clearance & Certificate of Good Conduct




Apology and Publication by Red Pepper.




Publication showing proof of case dismissal.

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