Belgian Beauty, Marisa Papen Takes it all off in New Photoshoot With Ethiopian Tribes

Belgian Beauty, Marisa Papen Takes it all off in New Photoshoot With Ethiopian Tribes Marisa Papen

The nude model who caused a worldwide stir after a secret photoshoot inside one of Egypt's most ancient temples landed her in jail has now appeared naked among one of Africa's most colourful ethnic tribes.

Belgian nude model Marisa Papen, who describes herself as a 'free-spirited and wildhearted expressionist', became the centre of a worldwide controversy when she was sent to prison for a photoshoot in the temple complex of Karnak near the Egyptian city of Luxor.

Unperturbed, Papen has opened up on her African trip during which she walked naked among the members of an isolated Ethiopian tribe. 

Papen said: 'They have their own customs and believes, their own beauty-standards, their own religion, living life in harmony with nature and the spirit world.

'You may say, they are totally different then we are. But to me they are, what we once were. In touch with nature, a part of nature, immensely grateful and respectful towards it.' Papen travelled with with Australian photographer Jesse Walker to the isolated Omo Valley in south-western Ethiopia, where she lived for a week with the Surma tribe.

Papen said: 'What we claim to call beautiful in our Western world isn't quite the same how the Surma tribe pursues beauty. 'Both Surma men and woman pierce their ears, some woman stretch their lower lip with a plate. 'They scar their bodies by making little cuts repetitively.' 'Isn't it funny we invented all these creams, lasers and other treatments to get rid of ours.' The Surma have a long history of body painting.

By using pulverised minerals they create drawings and patterns, something which Papen also tried out on her own body. Papen said: 'Not only is it an expression of emotion and art, there's also a more practical reason behind it.

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