TSEHAI Publishers Renews Visions of Peace and Unity with a Beautiful Act of Community

TSEHAI Publishers Renews Visions of Peace and Unity with a Beautiful Act of Community TSEHAI Publishers Renews Visions of Peace and Unity with a Beautiful Act of Community

For the past 20 years, Elias Wondimu and TSEHAI Publishers have built a global reputation for telling quality stories that truly matter.

By Patrick A. Howell (HuffPost) |

Over the weekend, Colin Kaepernick was vaulted to the status of the Muhammad Ali of the 21st Century by the vitriol of a president well healed in the underbelly of American life. Stephen Curry, beloved Oakland hero and “baby faced 3 pt. assassin” became a voice of reasoned calm in the cultural hurricane of America’s racial wars. National Football League players, black and white, became metaphysical warriors in the universal battle for true justice and the only freedom. The National Basketball League’s Lebron James continues to show himself a champion of the people calling out the “bum” in the White House. The NFL’s Roger Goddard and New England Patriots Robert Kraft demonstrated too – they demonstrated that the $1.3 trillion dollar buying power of African American consumer can bend the knee of even billionaires and so-called powerful to the requirements of justice and freedom for all. All of this as a hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria remind us all of how fragile we all are and our common humanity, Russia-gate continues to reveal that even high treason is a crime protected by white privilege… for now anyhow… and world nuclear war is threatened by mad men. Yes – it seems to be a mad, mad, mad world.

However, we? We, the people? In order to form a more just society, a more perfect union, in our greatest aspirations, eyes kept firmly on the prize – we came together. Turns out griot and American treasure Abiodun Oyewole of the Last Poets is a seer when he said he saw the people coming together. In Los Angeles at 2200 Virginia Avenue, the Ethiopian Festival celebrated the Ethiopian New Year (it is 2010 on the 13 month calendar there) at a Festival of Harmony. There was dancing, singing, kids running in and out of the nearby park in their Ethiopian traditional suits, lines of traditional foods provided by Messob’s Ethiopian Restaurant and culture of the ages with children’s fashion shows, timeless jewelry from Mombasa Jewelry, hair braiding and talent shows. And there were books there like Ethiopia During the Derg Years by Tesfeye Dinka, Temsalet (Phenomenal Ethiopian Women), and The Read with Me A to Z: English-Amharic alphabet, the first book published by TSEHAI’s Children’s book imprint, Chereka Books. If you look at the fliers posted by TSEHAI Publishers you will note this simple message throughout: Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.

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