Koshe Survivors Still Struggle

Koshe Survivors Still Struggle Koshe Survivors Still Struggle

Though it has been five months since the deadly garbage hill slide occurred in Koshe Open Garbage Dumpsite in Addis Ababa, survivors of the incident are still complaining about unfulfilled promises and harsh living conditions, The Reporter has learnt.

Survivors told The Reporter this week that they have faced harassment from officials for sharing their current conditions to the media.

“Previously, you came to us to hear about our problem,” a survivor, who requested anonymity, told The Reporter. “The fact that you came brought more problems and harassment from officials from the wereda.”

“The officials came with a story published in your newspaper and harassed us for disclosing information to media,” the survivor said.

“Because of the story, they stopped food rationing for almost two weeks,” the anonymous survivor claimed.

A week ago The Reporter paid a visit to a temporary shelter, which also served as youth sport center. Even though the survivors were promised that they would get a house, close 90 individuals including women, children and the elderly are still living in the youth center.

The people that were met by The Reporter expressed their fear and concern for sharing their conditions to the media. On the other hand, there were others who said that they are fed up with the conditions and that they do not fear of openly talk about what is happening.

The Reporter observed that the people, who were originally arranged to live in two separate rooms, are now residing in a very congested fashion. In that regard, in one of the rooms, which is made of corrugated sheets, close to 60 people have been living since the tragedy. This room is shanty at best with the wind and rain creating unfavorable conditions to children who are exposed to the kiremt cold.

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