US Police are Now Using Drones to Gather Evidence on Crime Investigations

US Police are Now Using Drones to Gather Evidence on Crime Investigations

US police departments are training officers to fly drones in order to aid criminal investigations, traffic accidents and other emergency operationsYuneec

Hundreds of police departments across the US are now starting to use hexacopter drones to aid criminal investigations by remotely gathering evidence.

Over 350 police departments are now training officers to become drone pilots and simulating emergency response in a crisis. The police foresee unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) being used for a variety of purposes, including locating a gunman by flying past windows during a school shooting; photographing and monitoring traffic accidents; or tracking missing people.

One example is Cecil County, Maryland, where the sheriff's department recently used its brand new Yuneec Typhoon H Pro drone to fly over a property where it was suspected that stolen construction equipment was being stored. The police flew the drone over a house in Elkton and on the video feed they spotted the equipment being hidden in the back yard behind the property.

The police took the images and video footage to a judge that night, and within a few hours, were able to get a warrant, arrest the suspects and seize the stolen equipment.

According to Fox News, this is believed to be the first successful use of a drone to solve a criminal case.

"I would say that flight was about as perfect as it could get. It was flawless. The flight went off very well. I think we were in the air a maximum of 10 minutes," said Cecil County Sheriff Scott Adams.

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