OMG!! Check Out The Unresolved Mame Steel’s Building Structural Crack

OMG!! Check Out The Unresolved Mame Steel’s Building Structural Crack

I passed on the Kality District this morning. On my way, it was just by coincidence that I saw a major structural crack on Mame Steel Mill PLC’s headquarter wrote Habtamu Gizachew on his Facebook page .

Habtamu approached a staff of the organization and learned that the crack occurred four years ago, but still left without any repair. Habtamu warned that the crack might create possible damage to human beings and properties.

Cracks in brickwork and cracks in concrete are usually building construction defects. Most are structural cracks and can be a result of engineering design, defective building practices or builder mismanagement. How to repair cracks will depend entirely on where the crack is located, type of soils, a proximity of trees and the weather.

Cracks may appear in the walls bricks/block mortar plaster, beam-wall joints, columns –wall joints, slabs, beams, columns, foundations and in many other places.

Much as it’s not a simple task, it’s essential you take any cracks seriously and get an assessment done in order to specify their significance.

Cracking can be the result of one or a combination of factors such as drying shrinkage, thermal contraction, restraint (external or internal) to shortening, subgrade settlement, and applied loads. Cracking cannot be prevented but it can be significantly reduced or controlled when the causes are taken into account and preventative steps are taken.

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