3 Ethiopian Asylum Seekers in Germany Charged of Rape

3 Ethiopian Asylum Seekers in Germany Charged of Rape 3 Ethiopian Asylum Seekers in Germany Charged of Rape


  • Hungarian woman said Ethiopian men attacked her at station near fair in 2016
  • She claims she was hit before her phone was stolen so she couldn't call for help
  • Men then raped her three times each, she alleged, and filmed part of the attack
  • One suspect says he had consensual sex with her, the others deny involvement

Woman, 28, Describes Being ‘Gang Raped’ by Three Ethiopian Asylum Seekers in German Town

A young woman in Germany has been giving evidence at the trial of three Ethiopian asylum seekers accused of gang raping her.  The men are accused of carrying out the crime at a carnival in the town of Mühlhausen in central Germany. During a statement to the court yesterday, the woman, 28,  identified as Laura G., said she recognized the men on trial. She said: “Each of them raped me three times.”

According to local newspaper the Thüringer Allgemeine she explained that the men lured her to a quiet area near a train station during the Mühlhausen Carnival last August.

One of them, identified as Isaak N. , aged 23, approached her on his own and forced himself on her. When she tried to run, she was intercepted by the other two – identified as Medhanie A., aged 29, and David T., aged 22.

The men raped her repeatedly, sometimes as a group and sometimes one after the other, it is claimed. The woman, understood to be from Hungary, said the sex was unprotected and she was beaten, kicked and had her hair pulled during the ordeal.

 The alleged attack happened at Mühlhausen train station, close to the site of the town fair


She said she had tried to flee and call for help but the men had stolen her phone. She alleges they later used the phone to record part of the attack.

The woman’s evidence had to be cut short because of the emotional toll reliving the incident took on her. The case against the men, who were arrested the day after the alleged attack, is based on DNA traces found on the woman. One of the defendants has already claimed during the trial that he had consensual sex with the woman on the day in question.

“I was very drunk at the carnival and I slept with her once,” Isaak N. told the court. The other two men on trial claim to have gone to bed early that night and deny any connection to the crime.

Prosecutors have charged the group with rape and bodily harm. The trial continues. 

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