Ethio-Telecom Celebrates the Successful Completion of TEP

Ethio-Telecom Celebrates the Successful Completion of TEP Ethio-Telecom Celebrates the Successful Completion of TEP

From May 19th to 25th , 2017 the Telecom Expansion Program (TEP) successfully closed in West Region and Central West Region where the Closure Evaluation Ceremony was held in Ambo City, Nekemte City and Assosa City to praise the hard working for all the partners. ZTE was invited as the special guest for the best contribution to Ethio-telecom in these three ceremonies.

As Ethiopia was suffering turbulence since October 6th 2016, the telecom infrastructure in West Region and Central West Region was made very difficult to go as planned because of the delays caused by the disturbance and chaos in the country. ZTE circle was gravely impacted by the riot, data service was blocked for 4 months, which is a huge blocking point for implementation and KPI acceptance. Nevertheless, with the help of Ethio-telecom, local government and villagers, ZTE finally overcome all the difficulties and finally managed to deliver the best quality network.

From the technological advance’s point of view, the mobile network of ZTE circle has been upgraded from 2G to 3G. 85% of the areas are covered with 3G network, in which the 3G high speed services are all on air. The downlink peak speed reaches 42 Mbps in the urban areas and 21 Mbps in the suburban areas. Transmission network is upgraded from SDH/DWDM to full IP backhaul network and backbone network, the transmission bandwidth is 10 GE. For the Network capacity, the capacity of wireless network geometrically increased from 1.27 million lines to 5.8 million lines after the TEP project.

The active users rapidly increased from 1.81 million to 2.72 million. Regarding the traffic after the TEP project, voice traffic grew from 5,000 erl to 63,000 erl, which shows an increase more than 10 times the previous. Date traffic grew from 5 GB to 275 GB, which increased more than 50 times. It is a great promotion to the informatization of local sociality and the income of the operator. At the ceremony, our customers were very satisfied with the Internet quality we provided, especially the 3G network, the user experience is much better than our competitor based on the data analysis.

During the Closure Evaluation Ceremony, customer representative Mr. Ambachew Redae, TEP Director of Ethio-Telecom and one of the local official said “This is a major walk towards coping with the present world where technology is rapidly growing at a high pace and we want to thank and congratulate ZTE in collaboration with Ethio-Telecom for their successful delivery of the TEP program in our region.” Mr. Ambachew Redae also praised the hard work of all the partners who made this project possible by awarding certificates of recognition for the successful completion of the Telecom Expansion Program (TEP) in both Central West Telecom Circle (CWR) and in Western Telecom Circle (WR), where ZTE received both certificates issued by Ethio-tele CEO as a major infrastructure vendor in collaboration with the Ethio-Telecom team.         

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