Teddy Afro Surprises Abel Pawlos, a Music Composer

Teddy Afro Surprises Abel Pawlos, a Music Composer Teddy Afro Surprises Abel Pawlos, a Music Composer

Ethiopia’s superstar singer, Tewodros Kassahun, popularly known as Teddy Afro has surprised Abel Pawlos, a Music Composer by bestowing him an automobile.

Abel composed took the lion share work on Teddy Afro’s “Ethiopia” album debut, composed 9 songs out of the 14.

He is also on the way to marriage, waiting the response of his girlfriend’s family as per the Ethiopian culture.

Teddy Afro’s album has also made a reputation topping the Billboard “world album” chart, becoming perhaps the second singer to achieve such global heights after Aster Aweke’s Kabu. Although by no means is the highest selling album around the world, it is, however, the top selling album in the “world music” genre, which is defined as traditional non-western music. Billboard uses a combination of actual sales, radio airplay, and streaming data to rank music.

Besides Billboard, the album was at the top of the iTunes “Top 100 World Music Albums”.

All the promo music for the tracks of this album are uploaded to the singer’s official YouTube channel which has 14 million subscribers, earning him B+ rate by Social Blade, a statistics website that tracks statistics and measures growth across multiple social media platforms. VidIQ, a popular YouTube statistic analysing software, estimates Teddy Afro’s official YouTube channel averages 9,900 dollars a month, without commercials. The payments for per view would be deposited into an account under the singer’s name.



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