Three Ethiopian Women Arrested In A Kuwait Brothel

Three Ethiopian Women Arrested In A Kuwait Brothel 3 Ethiopian And 3 Bangladeshi Apprehend In Kuwait

A Farwaniya brothel was stormed by vice police, who arrested three Ethiopian women and three Bangladeshi men who ran the place. The suspects confessed to charging KD 5 per client.

Illegal affair

Following up a case filed by a female citizen in her thirties accusing a citizen in his forties of assaulting her, detectives found that the couple had been having an illegal affair, said security sources. Interrogating the man, he told the police that he was married and that he had been having an affair with the woman for over a year. He added that she recently asked him to marry her and said she did not mind being his second wife. “She dragged me into having the affair,” said the man, justifying why he assaulted her.

Drunk men arrested

A citizen was arrested when he went to Maidan Hawally police station to mediate for another man who had been arrested while heavily drunk along with a female citizen, said security sources. They noted that the suspect himself was heavily drunk when he went to the police station.

Physical assault

An Egyptian woman accused two men, also Egyptian, of beating her and attempting to force her to sign a promissory note. The woman gave Salmiya police a medical report about her injuries, saying that they beat her, and when she refused to sign the note, they resumed the beating, causing the injuries stated in the report. Detectives are working on the case.


Jahra detectives arrested a citizen with a firearm and he was found to be an ex-convict. A security source said detectives received information about the suspect in Farwaniya governorate, so a team went and arrested him. The source said the suspect took out a pistol he was keeping under the seat of his car and gave it to detectives. He was charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm, among other things. – Al-Rai, Al-Qabas, Al-Anbaa

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