Authority Finds Defective Condoms in Ethiopia

Authority Finds Defective Condoms in Ethiopia Authority Finds Defective Condoms in Ethiopia

Following a complaint received about a poor quality of purchased condoms the Procurement Agency is looking into a national purchase. HLL Life Care Ltd., which is a major international supplier, has failed to supply standard quality condoms, Fortune reported.

Though Pharmaceuticals Fund & Supply Authority (PFSA) is responsible for purchasing, supplies are required to be tested and approved by the Food, Medicines & Health Care Administration & Control Authority (FMHACA), as it is mandated to set regulatory standards, conduct inspection of medical devices that come into the country for product quality assessment and registrations.

In the current fiscal year, 207 batches from the port of entry, 11 batches ready for registration and 15 that were suspected batches were also found to be below standard.

whereas now Of the total supply received, 60 batches were randomly tested and found to have holes when tested under simulated bursting effect and pressure; however regarding this the report from our source reads that the Pharmaceuticals Authority declined to comment on anything related to the particular purchase including the number of condoms purchased and delivered so far.

Never the less sources show that for the current fiscal year it was projected that close to 25 million dollars is required for only the end-user consumption. While financial commitments obtained so far is less than half the sum required for the provision of contraceptives, including condoms.

While data from two years ago showed that 60 million condoms are imported through the Pharmaceuticals Authority only, while other strong suppliers of condoms in the country like DKT Import bring in condoms of diverse quality and options.

According to the report of fortune, PFSA sent its request to the Agency on April 5, 2016 following the results from FMHCACA to take immediate action by the Agency to blacklist HLL. The agency asked back for the necessary documents regarding the purchase before passing the verdict whether to blacklist the company though. 

“The investigation time will depend on the case,” the Agency expert said.

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