OMG: Store Employee Rapes Two Women For Shoplifting

OMG: Store Employee Rapes Two Women For Shoplifting Lindlau

Police have arrested a perverted store employee after he mercilessly raped two women he caught shoplifting. 

A Tennessee store employee raped two women after he caught them shoplifting, authorities say. Robert Lindlau, assistant manager at a Dollar General store in Clarksville, forced the women to perform sexual favours on him inside a locked room, according to cops.

The 38-year-old Lindlau had escorted the women, aged 44 and 32, to an office in the back of the store. He told them cops had been called and it would be about an hour before authorities showed up. No call to the police had been made, and Lindlau locked the door, Clarksville cops said.

The women were told to undress and were allegedly fondled by the suspect. Then both were forced to perform oral sex on him, cops said. They "were in fear for their safety and felt that they had no choice but to comply with Mr. Lindlau's demands," cops said.  

Lindlau told them to put their clothing back on and instructed them to leave the store, according to authorities. Lindlau allowed them to leave with some of the items they had tried to take.

The alleged attacks happened in March and the 38-year-old Lindlau was arrested on Tuesday, Clarksville cops said. He was indicted on two counts of rape.


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