Ethiopian Embassy Opens Condolence Book For ISIS Killings In Libya

Ethiopian Embassy Opens Condolence Book For ISIS Killings In Libya Ethiopian Embassy Opens Condolence Book For ISIS Killings In Libya

ABU DHABI,  A condolence book is available at the Ethiopian embassy for UAE residents who wish to pay their respects to Christians from the African nation who were killed by ISIL militants in Libya this week.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the crime on Wednesday after more than 20 Ethiopian Christians who had been planning to go to Europe by boat from Libya were captured and murdered by ISIL.

“Isis [ISIL] cruelly slaughtered our citizens in Libya,” Abdulkadir Risku, Ethiopia’s ambassador to the UAE, said on Thursday. “Isis for us is one of the worst scenarios but we have been fighting terrorism for years. We had problems with Al Shabab in Somalia and we will continue to fight them but these people were innocent people going to Libya and they got caught and murdered cold-blooded in a very cruel and inhumane manner.”

He said the terrorist group did not represent any religion.

“No religion can allow this because the religion of God is peace,” he said. “Islam also means peace. No one is even allowed to kill an animal without reason, let alone a human being so they are even breaking the law of God. ”

Ethiopia is home to various religions.

“The majority is Islam and Christianity,” Mr Risku said. “These two religions live in harmony, there has been no conflict of religion or between the people of the two religions in the country for thousands of years. Ethiopia is a country which received Islam during the Prophet’s time and the first refugees of Islam were received by our King Al Najashi at the time. So between Islam and Christianity there was no problem, we support each other and live together.”

The condolence book will be available until Friday.

“We’ve had a lot of people coming to sign,” he said. “When I first heard the news, it was really very sad and heartbreaking. These are very young people who had no other intention than improving their lives somewhere else and they went all the way through the Sahara desert which, by itself, is a heavy duty. 


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