25th OPDO Anniversary Celebrated

25th OPDO Anniversary Celebrated 25th OPDO Anniversary Celebrated

The Ethiopian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan colorfully celebrated the 25th Silver Jubilee Anniversary of Oromo People Democratic Organisation (OPDO) with thousands of Ethiopians and Ethiopian origins living in Sudan as well as with a number of Sudanese peoples in Ethiopian Community Compound on Friday 3 April 2015.  

The Ethiopian Embassy’s Charge d'Affaires, Ferehiwot Asrat, delivered a speech focusing on the greatness of the day that brought the democratic rights for the Oromo Peoples with the hard struggle of few Oromo Peoples. Twenty five years back, the peace, development and democracy questions of Oromo Peoples were got an answer by OPDO.

The honorable guest and member of Central Committee of OPDO, Abiy Muhamed, delivered the congratulation message to the Oromo peoples and said that the role of OPDO in bringing democracy system in the region is unforgettable.

He added that by bitter struggle of OPDO/EPRDF Oromo Peoples like other nations and nationalities of Ethiopia gain the right of using their languages for education and justice, expanding their cultures, histories.

Abiy in his conclusion stressed the admirable change in development, peace and democracy practically seen in the region should be sustained increasingly by the strong participation of all Oromo’s and other societies

The Oromo Communities living in Sudan has recognized the development seen in the Oromia region. They renewed their commitment by buying bond for 15,000 USD for the building of the Renaissance Dam.

The celebration was started a day before by a Panel of discussion in which more than 600 Ethiopian Communities participated. The panel was focused on history of OPDO and the development seen in Oromia Region. The ceremony was colorfully celebrated by famous singers song came from Ethiopia.

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