Venezuelan Model Who Wears Corset 23 Hours A Day To Achieve 20 Inch Waist (VIDEO)

Like most models, Aleira Avendaño keeps an eye on her diet. Egg whites. Pineapple. Small portions.

She also wears a corset 23 hours a day.

The 25 year-old Venezuelan model has ignored medical advice to obtain an insane 20 inch waist (50.8cm) that looks a bit like a bad Photoshop job.

Avendaño began work on her extreme hourglass figure six years ago when she started wearing a corset every day.

"At the beginning it was really hard but now it is a feeling not of pain but of pressure." she told Barcroft TV. "I sleep with it, I am obsessive."

She only takes the waist-shrinking garment off for a small one-hour break each day.

"I wash myself and rest for an hour and then I put it on again."

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