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German Politicians And Media Push For New Wars In Africa


Last year, the German people were subjected to unprecedented war-mongering against Russia and a campaign for the return of German militarism. Now, the propagandists are going one step further and are beating the drums for new wars in Africa. They cynically try to justify this by referring to the growing streams of refugees.

On Tuesday, the head of the Süddeutsche Zeitung’s foreign affairs department, Stefan Kornelius, said a European refugee policy must begin with a European foreign policy.

“If Europe does not want to become a magnet for refugees from many areas of the world, if the international community does not want to break apart due to its heterogeneous understanding for its humanitarian responsibilities, then it must turn its force outward towards the epicentres of the flight”, he wrote.

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The editor has a pretty clear idea what this means and formulates it in rhetorical questions: “Who had also considered intervening in the Syrian civil war, if necessary without a UN mandate? On whose desk are the dossiers regarding Eritrea and Sudan gathering dust in Brussels? What possibilities for influence does the EU have over the African Union, from whose ranks states are bleeding out?”

This is the outline of a policy in Africa and the Middle East, which would result in a massive military escalation and is aimed at controlling the African continent and exploiting it economically.

On Spiegel Online, Roland Nelles, who heads its Berlin bureau and is a member of the Editorial Board, is even more explicit. He also takes the issue of refugee policy as the starting point for comprehensive plans for the recolonisation of Africa.