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“America Needs To Be Respected Again” On The Red Carpet


“America Needs to be Respected Again” on the Red Carpet?

Donald Trump’s shtick is: “America needs to be respected again because the rest of the world has lost respect for America.”

I don’t care much for The Donald.

But his shtick gnaws away at my mind as I think over the disgraceful “red carpet” treatment President Barack Obama received last month when he visited Ethiopia, the first ever for a sitting American President.

I know the whole red carpet drama is frivolity and vanity and not a big deal in the grand scheme of things; but to the extent that it represents a symbolic gesture of respect for a head of state and his/her nation, it is a big deal

As I have said before, I am not much for pomp and circumstances and elaborate formal ceremonies. But I have been known to show up at my university’s commencement exercises clad in resplendent professorial regalia and occasionally carrying the university mace as faculty marshal. Graduation ceremonies mean a lot to my students and their families.

I appreciate the symbolic significance of formal ceremonies; but they must be done with class and pizzazz.

I believe the “red carpet” treatment given to President Barack Obama in late July by Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) in Ethiopia was a low down dirty shame and an insult to the office of the U.S. President and the people of the United States.

To the world, Barack Obama is the public face of the United States of America and the single most important representative of the people of the United States. As such, he deserves the highest respect during state visits.

The T-TPLF gave President Obama a red carpet treatment that was not even fit for Bozo the Clown!

It is totally mind-boggling why the T-TPLF dissed Obama.

Obama has been the T-TPLF’s principal bankroller.

Obama doled out billions of dollars to the T-TPLF every year financing their corrupt and criminal enterprises.

Obama continues to turn a blind eye, deaf ears and muted lips the T-TPLF’s crimes against humanity.

Obama lied through his teeth to give credibility and legitimacy to the T-TPLF. Obama had the gall to say the 100 percent “election victory” claimed by the T-TPLF this past

May is “democratic”. His National Security Adviser Susan Rice emphatically declared to the press that the “President believes it is absolutely 100 democratic.” Then Rice busted out laughing uncontrollably!

What did Obama get in return for all the favors he has done to T-TPLF? DISRESPECT!

What did America get in return? DISRESPECT!

High rollers in Las Vegas have received better red carpet treatment than President Obama in Addis Ababa.

The “red carpet treatment” means “something” as a symbolic gesture of respect. That is why important state visits and other official affairs are often opened in red carpet receptions and honor guard inspections. Glamorous celebrities the world over present themselves to their adoring public by sauntering on the red carpet.