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Ethiopia And Rwanda Invents A New Africa


Rwanda and Ethiopia have suggested new development models they believe can help Africa break away from the prescribed Western models.

African leaders of the two countries and those from other states agreed that Africa should stop being bullied into “accepting policies that misrepresent us and do us harm in the end.”

Speaking at a high-level inaugural symposium organized by the ‘Meles Zenawi Foundation’ (MZF) in partnership with the African Development Bank, on August 21, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame said that time has come for Africa to stop being “a place where experiments are being carried out.”

The discussion, under the theme “The African Democratic Developmental State”, was inspired by ideals from the late Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, who believed that Africans needed to shape their own destiny by “doing things their own way.”

He believed that: “In spite of the monstrous homogeneity in policy stance that we have allowed ourselves to be shackled with, there is some space for policy experimentation and diversity commensurate with our diverse circumstances.”

Current Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said that, “We must have a new beginning for Africa.”