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Ethiopia: TPLF Selling Fear, Doubt, Cheap Propaganda And Ethiopia


For over 16 years the TPLF played negative roles in perpetuating the acrimonious relations that existed between the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia by spewing false propaganda. The TPLF believes good relations between Ethiopians and Eritrea will hasten its demise. For that reason it has done everything possible to keep them separated, at odds and, injected hostility consistently.

ESAT’s visit to Eritrea and the subsequent interview with President Isaias Afewerki by Amsterdam and Washington based Ethiopian Satellite TV journalists Fasil Yenealem and Messay Mekonen was a game changer. The reports moved public opinion away from hostility and in favor of working with Eritrea. The testimonial-reporting and the interview with President Isaias are changing minds, the relationship-dynamics, and long held perceptions between Eritreans and Ethiopians fundamentally.

President Isaias explained Eritrea’s position clearly. He stated that ethnically based constitution is a recipe for the fragmentation of Ethiopia. He explained that a strong and united Ethiopia is an asset not a threat to Eritrea.

Upon their return, to brief Ethiopians, on March 9, 2015, ESAT held special Journalists Post Eritrea Journey Discussion with the Public in Arlington Virginia. For the first time, many Eritreans participated-openly.

What stood-out was the civility with which the discussion was conducted-signaling the willingness and ability of Eritreans and Ethiopians to work together in order to eliminate the TPLF and establish cooperative understandings for the future of both countries.

Time, patience and willingness-of dedicated Eritreans and Ethiopians have led to the currents state of Eri-Ethio relations.

These developments have shaken the TPLF to the core. Hence, and to counter, consistent all-out media blitz to sell doubt and fear is underway.


As a minority, the apartheid regime in Ethiopia has decided that it cannot survive in a peaceful democratic arrangement that is at peace with neighbors. The TPLF concluded that its very survival depends on PR, propaganda, selling-fear and doubt. Lies, deceit, misinformation, fabrication, exaggeration and falsification are their standard mode of operation. These lies are designed to keep Ethiopia divided based on ethnicity, region, and religion and in a constant state of fear. It is also designed to keep Eritreans and Ethiopia at odds with each other.

However, the strategy is no longer effective because Ethiopians have given-up on the TPLF and they are rejecting everything TPLF. In fact, Ethiopians are winning the PR battles against the TPLF. ESAT is now the preferred information source for millions of Ethiopians worldwide. And instead of hate Ethiopians have chosen to work with Eritrea.

As a result the TPLF is currently engaged in a strategy of trying to PLANT DOUBT in the minds of Ethiopians about the interview with President Isaias, working with Eritrea and ESAT. This is done surgically using lackeys that roam on TPLF websites. They are on Paltalk and radio stations spewing falsities designed to implant doubt on people’s minds. Just like in the courtroom, the idea is to create reasonable doubt and make people think twice about supporting ESAT or the notion of working with Eritrea.