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Deputy Eritrean Ambassador To UAE Defected


Eritrean Deputy Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Al-Amin Nafe on Sunday defected the regime in Asmara on the grounds that “…government was destroying the fabric of Eritrean society.”, Anadolu Agency reported.

In a statement he issued, Nafe said, “Decades-long struggle by the Eritrean people for liberty and democratic state has been turned to absolutism under one Isaias Afeworki.”

“The social and economic fabric has crumpled,” he said.

“There has been human rights violation all along the 24 years since independence,” the ambassador said adding it has well been proved by the United Nations recently.

He said, “For these reasons I came to a point where he could no longer serve the regime in Asmara.” Ambassador Al-Amin Nafe was combatant for liberation and since 1991 he has been a member of the PFDJ. He is one of Eritrea’s long serving diplomat taking up various responsibilities with Eritrean foreign missions.

“Coup has been attempted three times against the regime in 1993, 2001 and 2003, but failed,” he lamented.

He urged the international community to mount the pressure against Asmara. “No one can keep silence in the face of gross human rights violations.”