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Do Shabo's Remember Ambassador Susan Rice?


When Meles died, Susan acted as if she was Meles' second wife, Azeb actually ordered her to leave and she was driven to airport. Susan is immature spoiled power seeker child of a rich family who tried to become Secretary of State and then run fr presidency but who was stooped and made house keeper (security advisor because of her lack of experience, immaturity, emotional getho attitude.

Susan understood nothing about the Ethiopian character - very proud, free, high self-esteem, honorable people.

One can disagree with Isayas because he separated Eritrea from Ethiopia, but no one can deny his proud, grit, principled, stoic Ethiopian Character.

He did what is in the nature being Ethiopian. Woyane as a mercenary low life, low self-esteem beggar personality is perfect tool for any western slave driver.!