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RSADO Threatens South Boulder To Stop Mining In Eritrea


Eritrea’s biggest and active opposition group, the Red Sea Afar People Democratic Organization (RSADO), has asked Australia’s mining giant South Boulder Mining Ltd. to cease its potash project in the Red Sea Afar land (Dankalia region) inside Eritrea. A letter obtained by Dire Tube today has indicated that the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of South Boulder Mines, Paul Donaldson, has been asked by the opposition group to stop its operation in the area. 

“We are writing to express our grave concern over the social, economic and environmental impact, and human rights violations, faced by the Red Sea Afar People in Eritrea as a result of South Boulder Mines’ illegal, highly destructive and devastating potash exploration drilling activities which are taking place on their traditional homeland without their consent,” the letter said. 

The letter was apparently issued by members of the RSADO Special Committee that were delegated by the Red Sea Afar People Conference that was held on 14 August 2014 at Samara City in the Afar Regional State in Ethiopia. 

The committee was tasked to investigate the harsh humanitarian situation caused by South Boulder Mines’ unlawful and destructive Potash Project on the Afar Region in Eritrea. RSADO is a political, economic, social and cultural organization founded in 1998 by the Red Sea Afar People to ‘realize the right of self-determination of the Afar people in Eritrea based on the Principle of Regional Federalism.’ 

It is granted independent powers and responsibilities to freely determine, without external interference, their political status and to pursue their economic, social and cultural development. “We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Eritrean Government you are doing business with has, over the last 24 years, walked a path of continuous infractions on the fundamental rights of the Eritrean citizenry in general, and the ethnic Afar minority in particular, by politically motivated assassinations, extra-judicial killings, unlawful arrests, arbitrary harassments, enforced disappearances, systematic internal displacement, restriction of movement and deprivation of traditional economic substances,” the letter reads.

“As a result of your financial reward the regime has granted South Boulder Mines over 400 square kilometers in the Collui area of the Afar Region (Dankalia) to explore potash, gold and other mineral resources, without taking into consideration the social, economic, cultural and environmental rights of the Afar People,” it added. RSADO has stated that South Boulder Mines Ltd must be held accountable for its failure to comply with the United National Security Council (UNSC) Resolutions, the EU Council Regulation and the African Union (AU) Resolutions and the failure to meet its corporate social responsibility. 

It has also threatened that failure to refuse or ignore our call will result in detrimental action against the company’s project.


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