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CBE’s Deposit Hit 347.1 Billion Birr


Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), the government owned giant, disclosed its total deposit has reached 347.1 billion Birr. There is a huge increase when compared to last year’s deposit which stood at 288.5 billion Birr.

The bank’s 9 months report shows, the bank mobilized 58.6 billion Birr deposit while availing 64.3 billion Birr in loan to customers.

On the other hand, the bank’s report discloses CBE earned 3.3 billion USD from different activities. Out of this earning, 469.3 million USD was from export trade while 2.98 billion USD was from remittance.

CBE’s total earning during the 9 months was 11.2 billion Birr. It also managed to open 49 branches in various parts of Ethiopia.