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Sugar Corporation Changed Plans of Construction


Ethiopia’s Sugar Corporation disclosed it has canceled the construction of 2 sugar factories out of the intended 10. The projects that will be affected by the change of plans are Kuraz and Beles projects.

The cancellation of part of the plans is due to lack of funds, the corporation explained.

The Corporation initially planned to build 5 factories under the Kuraz Project and develop 150,000 hectares of sugar cane farm. Out of this plan, the Corporation abandoned the construction of 1 factory and also decided to develop only 100,000 hectares.

The other project of the Corporation which saw the change of plans was Beles. Initially the Corporation targeted for the construction of 3 factories and develop 75,000 hectares with sugar cane. The plan has now changed to 2 factories and developing 50,000 hectares.

Sugar Corporation has renovated 5 factories recently. It has also announced the launch of 2 more factories; Arjo Dedassa and Kessem.

Sugar Corporation was established 6 years ago with a target of boosting Ethiopia’s sugar production. Currently Ethiopia produces 6.5 million quintals per annum.