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Dramatic Moment Drivers Battle to Save Car Crash Victims from Burning Alive


Brave drivers pull passengers from flaming car after accident.

What a humanity! A group of men have saved passengers in a car, which erupted into a fireball after a crash in Baku, Azerbaijan. That moment a man and other drivers smashed windows to rescue passengers from a flaming Lada after a crash went viral.

The car bursts into flames just as the rescuers arrive.

Witnesses are seen rushing towards the crash scene just as a huge fireball erupts.

They pull desperately at the doors to try to free the driver and passengers trapped inside, but they are rammed shut.

As the flames grow bigger, one of the rescuers leaps into action and kicks the glass out of the window.

He and another man then pull the driver from the car, and another smashes the window from the passenger side.

They also free those trapped inside the Lada behind the burning car.

People are then heard shouting: “Fire extinguisher! Allah Akbar! (Allah is the greatest)”

The passengers released as the driver of the car behind can be seen being pulled from the wreckage.

The heroes are seen rushing to the crash scene. He is dragged along the road and to safety just in time.

The incident happened on a motorway between south-western Russian city of Rostov and Azerbaijan capital city of Baku.

It was not reported how many people were saved and how badly they were injured.

But it is believed the other drivers eventually extinguished the fire.

The elderly man who rescued the driver was roundly praised by Internet users for his courage.

‘Aleksandr Vasilievich’ said: “Not every youngster will react the way this old man did!”

‘Yarmuk Saif’ added: “The old man rocks!”

When it comes to similar happenings, back in October 2106, in the UK, residents armed with buckets of water formed a human chain and used a garden hose to put out a blazing sports car after it crashed and burst into flames.

Locals help put out a blazing car in Battle; Tom Jones pulled one person out of the car.

Members of the public rallied round when the Nissan 370Z Nismo left the road and collided with trees in Battle, near Hastings, East Sussex.

They had sprung into action before firefighters arrived to ensure the fire was fully put out and free the 49-year-old driver who was later airlifted to a hospital in a serious condition.

His front-seat passenger, a 29-year-old man from St Leonards-on-Sea, managed to get himself out despite suffering serious injuries in Monday afternoon's crash.