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Singer, Gosaye Tesfaye’s New Album Up for Sale at a Cost of 4 million Birr


One of the most famous singers, Gossaye Tesfaye’s new third album is poised to be sold four million Birr .

The amount is a second biggest in Ethiopia after Teddy Afro’s five million Birr record album price for his fifth studio album “Ethiopia”.

Gossaye’s long-awaited album is expected to be put out in Ethiopian New Year, after two months. Sellers are hoping to agree on a four million mark.

Gossaye Tesfaye has a high, sweet tenor voice that can break into a rich falsetto or add a hint of a rasp; his tone is clear and genial, never pushy but never shy.

Born in Addis Ababa in April 1975, Gossaye Tesfaye grew up around Atobis Tera Sebategna, at Kuas Meda. Gossaye started his elementary education at Yekatit 23 elementary school, after which he followed up and completed secondary education at Kolfe Comprehensive Secondary School, the institution he completed high school.

Gossaye’s singing career started during his high school days when he used to sing and entertain fellow students as a member of a music group, formed by the students’ Red Cross Society. After performing as a student singer for approximately five-month at the above mentioned Red Cross Society Music Group, Gossaye joined a music and theater group, called “Mestawet”, where he built up his career along with other Ethiopian vocalists of his age. That was in the year 1992-93.

Endowed with a magnificent voice and marvelous singing talent, he kept on with his career and started performing in Addis Ababa’s night clubs since 1993. The restaurant and club, called “Shewaget” was the place, where Gossaye performed for four years, admired by many music lovers and stated to become famous. Right before this, Gossaye was hired by the “Kistane Band”, where he performed for one year. Apart from his wonderful voice, Gossaye is also talented in composing melodies. Having released two music albums, Gossaye has become one of the well-reputed young Ethiopian male vocalist in today’s music industry (popular music) of the country.

“Evangadi” is his first album co-sang with Alemayehu Hirpo, now a Protestant Choir. Gosaye’s second album “Satamahegn Bila” was reportedly sold over one million Birr in 2007.

Gossaye plays modern pop that is well aware of the world outside Ethiopia. He had also performed a sort of an American R&B ballad but for its vocals, and he followed it with a song that rode the brisk Afro-Latin beat of Congolese soukous. On his albums also dips into reggae and Nigerian Afrobeat.

But his melodies on the songs are distinctively Ethiopian. They riffled up and down through pentatonic (five-note) scales, and when he sang sustained notes, they took on North African, Arabic-flavored quavers.