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Hospital Reform Improving Health Care Service Delivery


The quality and accessibility of health care services have registered a marked progress over the last decade owing to hospital reform activities triggered by the successive implementation of Health Sector Development Plans (HSDP), the sector's professionals say.

National Hospital Reform Expert with the Ministry of Health (MoH) Abiy Dawit asserts that the reform activities have strengthened hospitals' management capacities for the move promote all public hospitals to meet operational standards. It brought about positive outcomes in clinical care and patient satisfaction, Abiy underlines.

Previous long queues had been cut short. Patients can now get health care services in a reasonable time, he noted, adding every hospital has ensured clean, safe and comfortable health facility.

St. Peter's TB Specialized Hospital Chief Executive Director Yakob Semaneh also builds on this saying that the reform paved the way for professionals to enter into continous professional development programs. "Professionals of the hospital are organized into ten health posts and receive recurring tutorials."