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Criminal Regains Freedom Following Error Made By Court Staff


Mistake error by a court staff, has gotten a knifeman freed from his 9-years in jail sentence. 

Ralston Dodd, 25, who was locked up in November, 2016, after admitting to stabbing Jerrell Holland, 21, three times in the back following an argument on in north London on September 18, has been freed after the court staff wrote 9 months in jail instead of 9-years.

Holland was said to have gotten the shock of his life when he spotted him walking free just weeks ago. An arrest warrant was reportedly issued after the court error was revealed but Dodd appears to have gone into hiding. .

The attack, which had the victim fighting for his life was described by police as an ‘appalling act of violence’ The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said it was urgently investigating the incident. .

It is believed crown court staff misheard the judge’s sentence and mistakenly filled out prison forms for a nine-month jail term instead. The victim’s father told The Sun: ‘This is an unacceptable blunder by them. .

He got nine years for stabbing my son three times. ‘He could have died. I held my son and thought he was going to die. How can this happen without anyone noticing?’