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UK’s Muslim police boss quits over Manchester bombing


The Chief Executive of the UK’s police and crime commissioners, Nazir Afzal, has resigned.

Mr Afzal announced the resignation on his Twitter account, saying he would not be “saying anything publicly”.

But the BBC has claimed his departure is connected to a “row over media coverage of terror attacks”.

On the day of the horrific Manchester Arena explosion which claimed the lives of 22 innocent people, Mr Afzal tweeted:

“Manchester is my home now & my heart breaks for those who lives were taken by deluded narcissistic criminals who will never divide or defeat us.

The following day, Mr Afzal tweeted:

 “I prosecuted terrorists of all motivations. They’re not soldiers. They’re sad narcissists- thinking the world owes them. We owe them nothing.”

And posting a photo of Manchester city centre, he added:

 “Terrorists want us to change our lives because of them.They lose when we don’t.”