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Tigray Region Feels Left Behind


Tigray region has a feeling of “left behind” in terms of economic growth and infrastructural facilities, residents told VOA Amharic Service.

The government has launched the second phase of Growth and Transformation Plan, with huge emphasis given to industrialization. “But, Tigray is left behind in the presence of manufacturing industries,” said Mehari Yohannis, Lecturer of Political Science and Strategic Studies at Mekelle University.

“The government is giving much focus to other regional cities like Bahir Dar, Debrebirhan and Bahir Dar,” Yohannis said.

He added: “there is nothing to be exaggerated in terms of infrastructural construction in the region”.

The other reason presented for Tigray’s “left behind” is the lagging-behind of railway line project that stretches to Tigray, according to Yohannis and Amanuel Gebretinasae, who operates his business in Mekelle city.

The-still-persisting-challenge of lack of potable water in the region’s capital, Mekelle, is also another big problem they attributed as an evidence of “the false claim of Tigray is economically advantageous than other regions”.