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Teddy Afro claims uninformed about La fontaine’s concert poster


Musicians Birhanu Tezera and Tadele Roba a.k.a La fontaine’s, have celebrated their 20 years of anniversary as co-performers in D.C, the U.S.

La fontain’s invited musicians and artists to perform and attend the event, and Teddy Afro as guest of honor.

However, according to Ethiopikalink radio show, Teddy Afro claimed he was uninformed about La fontain’s concert poster, which alsodepicts his album posture.

Therefore, he told Tadele Roba that the poster had not to be official prior to his consent.

“I had repeatedly been calling you to have your say, but you told me you were busy, asked to call back later,” Tadele reportedly told Teddy.

The popular, often embattled Singer and Song writer Tewodros Kassahun, Teddy Afro, is one of the nominees to be honored with Society of Ethiopians Established in Diaspora (SEED) award today.

In addition, “The King of Tizita Lyrics” Mahamoud Ahmed, Poet Lemn Sisay and Ted Alemayehu, the Founder and Executive Chairman of US Doctors for Africa are also among this year nominees.

Teddy has nominated for literature as he is a songwriter for himself and other musicians too, according to SEED. “He has also been chosen for his great contribution of being a mouth peace of Ethiopian history, praising historical legends, and love among religions,” SEED disclosed.