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Biruk Endale denies rumor about Teddy Afro’s reward


Recently, journalist Biruk Endale has resigned from EBC by his own will for the “moral damage” he suffered after his interview with Teddy Afro on EBC was cancelled.

After a couple of days his official resignation, even his announcement on his Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/birukendale), rumors claimed that “Biruk left EBC because Teddy Afro contributed 50 thousand Birr to him”.

Requested by Entertainment show on Bisrat FM radio, however, Biruk refuted that the claim as “a false and baseless rumor”. “There’s no money I received from anyone,” he said.

“I just left from EBC with my own decision and that’s all,” he concluded.

Earlier Biruk noted that, “Cancelation of Teddy Afro’s interview is not just a rejection of an artist, rather, it’s a contempt of journalism, a great profession many were sacrificed for it”.

After Biruk resigned from the state owned media that has been severely criticized by many for censorship and not accommodating different opinions of the public.

To the contrary, Biruk was appreciated by many with a few dislikes of his action on the social media.