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Ethiopian Federal Court Judge Fired by Council


Leul Gebremariam, the former Federal Higher Court Judge, who had not been in his work for the past eight months, has fired on Thursday by the decision of the Federal Judicial Administration Council, according to Sheger FM.

The members of the parliament have approved the dismissal with a majority vote and two abstain votes on Thursday.

Leul served the Federal Court for nine years and left his post for medication in either Germany or Bangkok, Thailand, according to rumors the Council presented to the MPs.

MPs have argued whether the Judge left his post for medical reasons or not before approving that he is fired.

Judge Leul Gebremariam has sentenced Teddy Afro, a popular singer one year and two months jail term in 2008 for “hit-and-run crime” that found him guilty of committing is punishable by an imprisonment of one month to two years and a 1,000 Birr – 5,000 Birr fine, according to the penal code.