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Missing but Found at Ras Desta Hospital


The family of Samson Laeke was in a grave disappointment since father Laeke Likieneh, 75, a victim of Alzheimer was lost from home on April 28, 2017. He was lost from his home around “Abebie Shop”, around the British Embassy.

Following their father was missed, his family advertised the news on different FM radio stations, promising a reparation for anyone who found Mr. Laeke. But, that effort failed to bore fruit at all.

The news, again posted Wednesday, May 17, 2017 on Dire Tube website and Facebook page. “We had told Amanuel and his friends that our father was at Ras Desta Hospital within a few hours of announcement on Dire Tube,” Samson, Mr. Laeke’s son told Dire Tube with ecstasy.

Father Laeke was reportedly found by Amanuel and his friends. Amanuel went to Asko Police station after he found the lost father. At the police station, the old man uttered that he was sick.

While Mr. Laeke was receiving a medication at Ras Desta Hospital, police told Samson that his father was safe in the Hospital.

The going was touch, Samson says. Even if people told him to go and ask info at the Addis Abeba Police Commission, he was told that they have no idea about his father.

Spoke to Dire Tube, Samson, first and foremost extended his gratitude to God the Almighty, whom without his goodwill things would not be successful. Also, he dedicated his gratefulness to Amanuel and his friends, Asko Police Station and Ras Desta Hospital for taking care of his father.