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IRCE Calls on Illegal Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia to Return Home


The Inter Religious Council of Ethiopia (IRCE) has called on Ethiopians living in Saudi Arabia without permit to return to their home country before the deadline set the Saudi Government.

This urgent call was made at a press conference held today.

IRCE Deputy Board Chairperson, Sheik Oumer Imam said he had met with some of Ethiopians who have lived in Saudi Arabia for the last 20 years.

He noted that most of them complain that they have no sufficient money to take back home and support their families.

Sheik Oumer stressed that they must believe that Allah will help them lead a better life here in their country; and they should take this opportunity to return safely rather than waiting to later face the consequences.

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church Deputy General Manager, Abba Hailemariam Melese expressed the concern of the IRCE for the Ethiopians and urged them to come home in the few weeks left.

Appreciating the efforts made by the government, Abba Hailemariam pointed out that citizens are benefiting from the ongoing rapid economic growth regardless of ethnicity, sex and religion.

Ethiopians living illegally in Saudi Arabia have therefore all the opportunity here in their home country to grow, prosper and benefit from the prevailing economic growth while relieving themselves and their family from any threats, he stressed.