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Fight breaks out in Mekelle’s national league game


Absence of fair play has been a recurrent debacle for the lagging behind of Ethiopian football. The fight that broke out between Bahirdar and Mekelle Kenema Football Clubs fans on the match of the National League competition at the Mekelle University’s Stadium can be a good testimony for the above statement.

On Saturday, the match was interrupted after fight broke out between the two teams fans. The said reason for the interruption, according to sport lovers and sources was “the free kick given to Mekelle Kenema F.C. was not welcomed by Bahirdar Kenema fans”. As the fight broke out, according to Deutshe Welle Amharic Service, Police used tear gas and fans were beaten—caused injuries of many, wounded fans shown on Social Medias.

Nation’s football governing authority, Ethiopian Football Federation’s (EFF) Head of Public Relations, Zemedkun Alayewe told Deutshe Welle that “we are waiting for the details about the Saturday’s game”.

Fights and immoral insults have not been limited to Mekelle’s game only, rather it is becoming a common tragedy on country’s other stadiums, too, while the Mekelle’s game even accompanied by “ethnic insults” committed by some fans. Attached to that reason, many have severely criticizing the EFF for its failure to enforce the fair play, a center of any football games.