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27 illegal Eritrean Immigrants Arrested


It was such a tough going for the 27 Eritrean illegal immigrants, who fled from the Maytsebri refugees’ camp in Tigray region, when they were on board, attempted a journey to reach Sudan.

Police arrested them in Gonder city. While on their way to Gonder, the immigrants were loaded on a truck, Isuzu FSR resembled as if the vehicle loaded quintals of cement, hidden inside a container.

Unfortunately, situations went wrong while they were in Gonder, Lideta sub-city. The pile of cement slipped on two individuals. They immediately shouted for help, residents come and forced the truck to stop there and handed them over to nearby police.

Police is conducting its investigation, Commander Ayana Shumiyie, Head of the Community Police, told the Amhara Mass Media Agency.

Those who have got an injury are receiving medical treatments.